About Sun Of Seitan

Some of our dishes are  versions of well established recipes which we found online, in recipe books and social media, all tweaked and adapted into the dishes we serve today, and some (like the quack free duck) are completely our own invention. We enjoy tinkering in the kitchen to perfect recipes, and gauge customer response to any new dishes. Some dishes have fallen by the wayside (who can forget our meticulously crafted ‘prawns’, it took 10 minutes to make each prawn and we sold not a one). But we had to try these things.

We were well aware that due to the key ingredient of seitan, (vital wheat gluten), that those with gluten intolerance would not be able to eat at our stall, (and heck, being vegan we know what it means to feel left out) so we introduced our lovely beetroot falafels made with gluten free breadcrumbs and served with garlic hummus and vegan tzatziki in a gluten free wrap. 

Sun of Seitan have been trading since May 2018, at vegan fairs, pop up restaurants, regular markets and fairs. We mainly operate in the North East of England, but have ventured down to some vegan festivals in the Midlands and Edinburgh.  We are catering at our very first wedding this year (all being well with the current  restrictions) and are available in the future for all your catering requirements.

We will be continuing our popular Christmas No-Turkey roasts again this Christmas, and will be introducing our Christmas Wellington.

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