Street food Menu

Wraps:   £6.50  -all served  in a flatbread wrap.

  • Sticky ‘Ribs’

-Sizzled in a rich BBQ sauce with salad and red slaw. Served with a choice of chipotle ‘mayo’ or garlic ‘mayo’-please state which you would prefer.

  • Buffano ‘Wings’

Sizzled in a spicy chilli and peri peri sauce with salad and red slaw with a choice of either chipotle ‘mayo’ or garlic ‘mayo’-please state which you would prefer.

  • Quack-free ‘Duck’ 

Sizzled with spring onions in an aromatic hoisin sauce and served with salad.

  • Kofta Kebab

Served with garlic ‘mayo ‘and chilli sauce, with pickled red cabbage and salad. 

  • Tzatziki ‘Chick’n’ 

Sizzled ‘chick’n’  with tzatziki sauce and salad. – This is new to the menu and a real keeper!

  • Gluten Free beetroot falafels £5.50

Served in a gluten free wrap with salad and home made garlic hummus.

Cook at home packs

£6.50 Any dish and all ingredients (flatbread, salad, seitan, sauce and ‘mayo’ ) packed to assemble and cook at home.

Food Allergies: please note:

The seitan contains parts;  peanuts, gluten, mustard, onion and celery. ‘Mayo’ contains soya milk.

Please note-during the coronavirus restrictions we will be delivering our food in cook at home packs-this means that you can quickly fry your food at home so it’s lovely and hot. If you are very local to Low Fell Gateshead or specifically request it, we can easily make up the wrap with the cooked and hot seitan in it, but we cannot guarantee it will still be hot when it arrives at your door.

Please ask if you have any allergies.

Please note:, minumum order of two dishes, and there is a £1 charge for local delivery within, 5 miles of NE9 postcode

Thank you so much for your support.